Big News!!!

The wall between Yellow Sub and the new space.

Big news!!! Yellow Sub is growing. Though we are sad to see our friends at Cabin Creek Crystals leave we are happy to announce our expansion! We have decided there is no time like the present and wanted to bring something new and exciting to the neighborhood. We are proud to announce Yellow Submarine Delicatessen and Market. We are aiming for a June grand opening and will be posting updates on our Instagram page frequently to keep everyone in the loop. So if you live in the neighborhood and have any questions or requests please feel free to stop in and say hello or shoot us an email at

Things to look forward to: Beer, Wine, Ice cream, a variety of quality meats and cheeses sold by the pound, Mac Salad, Coleslaw, Espresso drinks, Frozen Lemonade, Fresh Produce, High Quality Canned and Jarred goods, more indoor and out door seating, Toasted Subs, and many more homemade sauces and creations to come.

Fear not. The old Yellow Sub is not going anywhere and will remain intact with the same charm and delicious sandwiches our customers have been head over heels for since 1975. Come on by and give us try!